Dr. Robbie Hughes.

A pioneer in modern dentistry; Dr. Robbie Hughes has ultimately designed, refined and delivered a new standard of patient focused workflows into the marketplace.

His obsession with the patient journey has ignited an unstoppable journey of consistent system analysis, process iteration & improvement which has enabled him to build one of the United Kingdom's most sought after dental practices in just a few years.

Dr. Robbie is the Principle Dentist at Dental Excellence UK, DE Laboratories, and the founder of Avant Garde Concepts - a brand focused on helping dentists around the world to grow & prosper.

"Every week, me and my team come into work and think about where the world of dentistry is going. We take inspiration from the most forward thinking companies in the most forward thinking industries. Most dentists are interested in immitation and quick income. We're interested in innovation and long term branding."


Schedule a full day 1-2-1 over the shoulder EMAX veneers treatment

Dr. Robbie treats patients looking for the perfect smile transformation, every day. Some patients just need ortho, others may opt for composite veneers, and some choose EMAX veneers. 

Dentists around the country are looking into the best workflows possible for EMAX veneers. If you're looking at mastering the Avant Garde EMAX workflow, from start to finish, you can now join Robbie and his team in the Dental Excellence Smile Makeover Centre in Liverpool to watch over the shoulder as we deliver a treatment for a patient.